About Cubatic

Headquartered in Pune, India, Cubatic strives to create sustainable, future ready, profitable solutions. Our "U" centric approach aims at focusing on "You" and fulfilling "Your wants". We believe in delivering qualitative value-added projects than a mere fit-outs to all our clients.

Armed with niche, dynamic and diverse set of professionals in the field of interiors, project management consultancy & turnkey solution, our intellectual team of designers, engineers, co-coordinators, supervisors and skilled work force are spread across India, Sri Lanka & Dubai to manage, handle and deliver high-end projects.

Our effective and unique work and timely delivery of projects in line with the client's requirement have helped us achieve trust and build business relationship with our clients in a very short span of time. Our clients enjoy pleasant work environment delivered by Cubatic. We have delivered more than 01 Million sq ft of built-up space till date.

Our Approach & Philosophy

Holistic Approach

Our team takes a holistic approach to each project to achieve inspiring results.It often helps us to look at bigger picture, see things differently and discover new,responsive solutions that enliven spaces and promote wellbeing.
Understanding each client's objectives, culture, brand and values is critical to achieve excellence in architecture, interior design, planning, landscape architecture, structural engineering, branding and communications. The end result should be a reflection of the ideologies of our clients and should tell a story, conveying its purpose of existence.
We are always excited to be able to design and deliver complete solutions which meet our clients' aspirations. This includes supporting clients from initial briefing, client consultation, through to specification, selection, and procurement.

Design Philosophy

We see design as core of our projects which influence the way people use space, by creating environments that are both accessible and adaptable and that provoke inspiration and connections. Our philosophy centers around design stewardship.
The complexities of the modern world continue to push today's businesses to find creative solutions to their most significant challenges. There is a greater emphasis on environment-friendly materials, lower operating costs and energy efficiency. Despite all of this, quality and aesthetics will still be of paramount importance and our good design will continue to strike balance between present and future.
Clients rely on us as strategic business partners – as well as for the creativity, technical precision and independent thinking we apply to every project. Our culture fosters continuous improvement and reinvention and our commitment to innovative design strengthens relationships and gives us competitive edge.

Service Motto

Transform spaces the way "U" work is our motto. Align with your vision, "U"nique culture and brand. Create design solutions that reflect who "U" are, not who "WE" are.